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Door Frame Roll Forming Line

Door Frame Roll Forming Line

Our window/door frame roll forming machine is extensively used to produce different kinds of steel window and door frames.


This Door Frame Roll Forming Line is used to produce steel window or door frame. Roll forming machine can only finish the profile forming process of window or door frame, and the complete line can punch holes, notches, etc. on the surface of window or door frame. After punching, the operator only needs to bend the frame to suitable angle.


Product Application

Our window/door frame roll forming machine is extensively used to produce different kinds of steel window and door frames.



1. Capacity: 2 tons

2. Material: #45 steel quenched

3. Inner diameter: 410~ 580mm

Main roll former

1. Stations: 13

2. Rollers material: CR 15; HRC 60. Chrome coated: 0.03~0.05mm. The Strength in Mpa: 70 TON, 800 MPA

3. Shaft material: Diameter: 50mm, material is #45 steel. Quenched: hot treatment. The strength of the Main Shaft in Mpa:70 tons, 650MPA

4. Bearing brand: FAG Germany

5. Main Motor: 5.5 KW, 380V, 50HZ


PLC Control Cabinet

1. Touch screen brand: DELTA

2. PLC brand: DELTA

3. Inverter brand: DELTA

4. Main components for low pressure electricity: Schneider Germany

5. Encoder: Omron

Hydraulic system

Function:To provide power for the hydraulic cylinders of the production line. This set of hydraulic system is specially designed and manufactured. Different hydraulic components are used to realize different working requirements of each hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic system is specially developed for special models. The hydraulic machine adopts a pump and a special hydraulic control module. It has the characteristics of fast punching speed and low noise. It is also equipped with a cooler to meet the needs of continuous production.

Electrical control system

Function:PLC is used to centrally control the automatic operation of the entire production line. Theproduction line is divided into two modes of operation, single mode and automatic mode. The single mode is used for commissioning. It can individually controlled the movement of each unit. The automatic mode is the automatic action during continuous production. The equipment is automatically produced without the need from the operator. Product length and specification adjustment are realized by touch screen with digital display.



Our Advantages

1. Our window frame roll forming line enjoys stable working condition and high working precision.

2. Remote monitoring of the operating system facilitates the operation of this door frame roll forming machine.

3. Complete and excellent after-sales service is offered.

4. Rich experience in precise profile/section roll forming process.

5. Reasonable price.

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