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Advantages and commissioning requirements of rolling door forming machine
Jul 23, 2018

The rolling door forming machine is widely used in the production of various industrial plants, warehouses, supermarkets and shopping malls. In operation, it is mainly composed of feeding introduction platform, molding host, forming shearing device, hydraulic station, computer control system, etc., and is used with the sewing machine.


Advantages of rolling door forming machine

1. The rolling door forming machine adopts high-level automatic control software when it is operated, so that it can effectively realize its production information management.

2. The entire unit automation control system of the rolling door forming machine adopts its highly integrated network, which can make the performance of the automation system superior.

3. The rolling door forming machine also has the advantages of operation, maintenance, maintenance, mechanical debugging, and easy mold replacement. Color steel tile use: all-steel structure factory frame, single-sided color steel plate structure workshop, multi-span steel structure workshop, wooden driving beam factory building, villa-type color steel plate office room with cross-color steel plate canopy, roof top layer, Large-span factory building, light steel structure ring shed.


In the process of production, the rolling door forming machine will effectively use its galvanized steel plate or color steel plate of different colors or aluminum plate as raw material. The color steel plate shutter of the product will produce beautiful color, no fading, no rust and wide. It is used for storefronts, workshops, warehouses, fire partitions, and strength is 3 times higher than aluminum alloy doors.

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