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Advantages and Forming Process of PLC door frame roll forming machine
Jan 03, 2019

The PLC door frame roll forming machine will be more environmentally friendly during the process of use, and it is also necessary to recycle the waste. The door frame forming machine is mainly formed by one-step pressurization of the three bars, and does not require a brick during use. board.

Advantages of using PLC door frame roll forming machine

1. The molded door frame is beautiful and elegant, and the quality of the door is improved.

2. High molding efficiency, small workload and cost saving.

3. Special equipment for one-shot and semi-molding of the security door frame. Also suitable for use in steel structures, home appliances and other manufacturing industries.

Forming process of PLC door frame roll forming machine

Automatic discharging - guiding - leveling, feeding - continuous punching - forming - fixed length, cutting - receiving 

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