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Analysis of Performance Characteristics of Door Frame Roll Forming Machine
Jun 09, 2018

The door frame roll forming machine currently mainly uses galvanized steel plates and various colors of color steel plates or aluminum plates as raw materials for production and processing. The finished products produced by the door frame roll forming machine are mainly used for building the external roof panels and wall panels of the houses, interior decorative panels or ceilings, and the like. This can increase the aesthetics and durability of the roof or wall.


Normally, the surface of finished products produced by the door frame roller molding machine is not only very smooth, but also has no scratches, which facilitates construction and installation. The product features of the device can be summarized as follows: 1. The machine has advanced design, manufacturing experience, advanced design concepts and processing technology; 2. The use of CNC numerical control equipment processing, to ensure the wheel size accuracy; 3, due to the design is reasonable and accurate , And the processing of high precision, so that the stability of the equipment, the product produced stable, high precision; 4, the use of hydraulic system cut off, low noise, accurate length positioning.


Not only that, the whole frame roll forming machine is controlled by an automated system, so it is very easy to operate and has high work efficiency. In fact, in the course of production, the forming molds also play a large role. The characteristics of the production molding mold are as follows:


1, the formation of natural and reasonable, this is because the molding die are carried out in advance of a strict commissioning to ensure high yield and high precision;

2. The roundness of the circular arc is sufficient, the plane is flat enough, the angle is sharp, and the brightness is good after polishing; the surface of the material is not pulled;

3, the production of stainless steel mold quality is good, no cutting corners phenomenon. Moreover, the processing molds require very high technological requirements. Each process step requires strict control using measuring tools, such as length, outer diameter, vernier caliper precision within 0.1 mm, and beating within 0.05 mm.


In addition, the forming mold of the door frame roll forming machine can be customized according to the user's requirements. The resulting product has high hardness, high wear resistance, etc., greatly reducing the user's trouble and reducing the cost of repair.

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