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Application field and market prospect of cold-formed steel
Mar 15, 2018

Cold-formed steel is mainly made of carbon steel, high quality carbon structural steels, low alloy structural steel and stainless steel hot-rolled, cold-rolled strip as raw material, forming various cross-section-shaped copper by roller bending.

The continuous cold-formed steel forming unit mainly includes the open book, straightening, Shearing butt welding, storage, molding (welding, shaping), fixed-ruler cut off, inspection collection and a number of specialized processes, its equipment and high-frequency welded pipe units are basically similar, but the form of cold bending machine is more diverse, according to product specifications can be divided into general cold bending steel forming units, Open cold-formed Steel forming unit, wide wave type steel plate forming unit three types, these three kinds of unit structure and product focus range are different. General cold bending Steel unit can not only produce a simple section of the non-welded cold bending copper products, but also can produce welded closed profiles: such as: round pipe, Fang type and other special-shaped pipe.

The products are widely used in light steel structure, automobile manufacturing, road transportation, logistics equipment, electrical cabinets and so on. Typical products are: "C" "Z" type of tan bar, hypotenuse edge Z-shaped steel; Z-shaped steel, color steel pressure plate, the "U" type groove steel, upper and lower along the steel, marine Fender, small warehouse board, Japanese-style, European-American Highway protection, hanging conveyor rails, etc. Perform standard gb6723-86, gb6726-86etc.

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