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Automatic hydraulic cutting double-layer forming machine increases service life and chrome treatment
Aug 02, 2018

The automatic hydraulic cutting double-layer forming machine effectively includes a base, a column fixed on the frame, a beam fixed at the top of the column, a hydraulic cylinder fixed on the beam, and a piston rod end fixed to the hydraulic cylinder during the manufacturing process. The upper die part of the part and the lower mold frame mounted on the machine base and the upper die head, and the split die is detachably mounted in the lower die frame, the split die mainly consists of the inner wall of the lower die frame The vertically fixed side template and the bottom template slidingly assembled along the inner wall of the side template are composed.

The automatic hydraulic cutting double-layer forming machine greatly increases the service life of the mold frame to a certain extent. Since the manufacturing cost of the split type concave mold is much lower than the manufacturing cost of the mold frame, when the split type die wears more seriously When it needs to be replaced, the cost of replacement is also much lower than that of the replacement of the overall mold frame in the prior art, thereby greatly reducing the use and maintenance cost of the hydraulic forming machine, and correspondingly reducing the manufacturing cost of the product.

In order to ensure the production needs of the automatic hydraulic cutting double-layer forming machine, according to the casting size and the equipment production needs of the production, it can be matched with different specifications molding machine. The series molding machine adopts four-column guide and works up and down. The frame constitutes a working frame with high strength, stability and reliability. The four columns are chrome-plated, durable and corrosion-resistant. The template on the equipment is cast (casting and welding) and subjected to corresponding stress-relieving treatment. The rigidity is good. The flatness and dimensionality are stable. All pneumatic components and electronic control components are made of domestic high-quality brands. The mechanical transmission is driven by pneumatics and motors directly, with reliable performance, stable operation and accurate positioning.

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