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Basic structure of metal roofing roll forming machine
Nov 15, 2018

In order to improve the shortage of traditional production methods, a metal roofing roll forming machine has been developed, which is mainly composed of a feeding introduction platform, a molding host, a forming shearing device, a hydraulic station, a computer control system, and the like. The equipment is equipped with a common discharge machine, a hydraulic discharge machine, and an automatic skimmer.


After practice, it has proved that the metal roofing roll forming machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, high processing precision, fast processing, convenient adjustment, processing of any plate width and plate type, etc. It is an ideal automatic metal roof panel roll forming. Device.


The metal roof roll forming machine is provided with a plurality of sets of rollers and level sensors, and the forming machine is arranged symmetrically along the lateral direction of the forming base; and also includes a translating device for moving the forming machine along the lateral direction of the forming base. And a rotating device for rotating the forming machine in a plane. The electronic control device controls the translation device, and the rotation device moves in real time to synchronously move the molding machine and the side of the sheet. The roller automatically tracks the side of the sheet and is roll-formed, and is widely used in the field of metal roof panel molding.

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