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Brief analysis of development situation of domestic steel market
Mar 15, 2018

The main varieties of steel section include I-beam, angle steel, groove, H-beam. According to the old statistic standard, the height is not less than 180mm I-beam and groove steel for large steel, the height is less than 180mm of I-beam and channel steel for Medium section, the side width is not less than 150mm of angle steel for large angle steel, Benquan for 50-149mm angle steel for medium-sized angle steel, Benquan for the And according to the new method statistics, the height of not less than 80mm of steel are classified into large steel, other to small and medium-sized steel, which makes the majority of the old statistical methods of the medium steel beam and trough the new standard statistics to the large section, H-beam is also basically all included in the large steel category, angle steel is a considerable part of the small and medium category of steels, So the ratio of angle steel in medium and small-sized steels is higher. Because of the current state in addition to the key iron and steel enterprises in the production of steel varieties statistics, the national horn trough total production can not be accurate statistics, so we can only estimate it.

We can see that in recent years, the growth of steel production in key enterprises in China mainly comes from the growth of H-beam production, while the production of other profiles, such as angle channel steel, has not changed much, this is mainly due to the major enterprises in the process of product structure adjustment in recent years, the new project is mainly based In addition to the H-beam and other new steel, the new steel mill project is very small, and the current market on the slot of the new demand mainly rely on private enterprises profile capacity expansion to meet.

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