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C-shaped steel equipment process and equipment improvement
Oct 06, 2018

C-shaped steel equipment process

The strip is fed from the rear of the equipment and pressed through various rolls to form a C-shaped steel to be sent out from the head. In the traditional process, the C-shaped steel needs to be manually cut and cut after being pressed and formed, and then transported to the punching equipment to punch holes according to the size required by the customer, the production cannot be continuous, and the efficiency is not high. The technicians of our company cooperated closely with the equipment manufacturers to gradually improve the production process, and finally realized the automatic control of the whole process, which greatly improved the production efficiency and increased the technical content and added value of the customer equipment.


The c-steel machine equipment improvement process is completed in three steps

The length measuring device and the flying saw are added, and when the pressing length reaches the set length, the flying saw moves and the profile is automatically cut.

Then, a hydraulic punching device with a side hole is added to the c-shaped steel machine equipment, and four holes are punched at the same time, and the flying saw is cut from the middle, thus forming two heads and two tails of the adjacent two sections of C-shaped steel. Side hole.

Finally, add another device that punches the hole, and punch out the middle hole at the distance set by the user during the strip pressing process, and you can hit 16 middle holes. For the new C-shaped steel machine, it is required to make double holes in the middle of the profile.


The hole hole 4 hole punching die is changed into a 2-hole die, and the program of the edge punching hole is modified, so that the edge hole punching device can punch two holes in the middle, and the hole pitch is set by the user, and 8 sets of double holes can be played. This c-shaped steel machine equipment can meet the requirements of all C-shaped steel.

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