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C Steel Machine Exquisite technology to lead the mechanical manufacturing industry
Mar 15, 2018

Manufacture and test of welded ball joints of C-shaped steel welding ball processing has hot-rolled and cold-rolled two methods, the current production of the ball is more hot-rolled. The detailed steps are as follows: circular plate blanking; hot-rolled hemisphere; machining; assembling welding. The ball produced by hot rolling method is prone to uneven wall thickness, "long tumor" and "Lotus leaf edge" and so on, the pressure tile machine procedures for wall thickness uneven degree of limit. The sphere does not allow the "long tumor", "Lotus leaf edge" should be cut at the edge of resection.

C Steel Ball roundness (that is, the difference between the minimum diameter and the maximum diameter), not only affect the assembly size, but also will cause the node eccentricity, it should be controlled within certain categories. Because the wear and cooling rate of the rolling dies and so on, often show the small diameter of the ball, this situation is easy to make the total size of the mesh rack small. Thus, the net frame procedures have also clear restrictions on the diameter deviation of the ball.

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