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Characteristics and Application of highway guardrail roll forming machine
Jun 11, 2018

Highway crash barriers are important transportation infrastructures and can't be separated from highway guardrail roll forming machines. Highway guardrail guide molding machine is mainly composed of several parts, such as uncoiling machine, leveling machine, punching machine, punching hole machine, forming machine, forming shearing device, hydraulic station, computer control system and finished product bracket. The products obtained by using this machine are not only lightweight, but also have advantages such as high strength and strong endurance.


Because of this advantage, it has quickly been widely used. In fact, the highway guardrail roll forming machine is a hydraulic press used to finely determine and compress the rough blanks extruded from the vacuum screw extruder when the wet glazed tile is produced. In the process of equipment operation, the first is to enter the unit guide wheel. The leveling is four rolls under the three rolls, and then punching and cutting are performed.


With the extensive use of highway guardrail roll forming machines, the current level of domestic highway management has been significantly improved, reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents. At the same time, it also better guarantees the daily safety of the road traffic, and truly achieves a high level of efficiency and management.


In fact, the advantages of the highway guardrail roll forming machine are not only reflected in its stability and high efficiency, but also because of the use of the equipment, the performance of road crash barrier products has also been significantly improved, providing us with a High-impact, low-cost, long-life, safer, greener, better-used, and less costly highway guardrail.


In addition, while the performance of the highway guardrail roll forming machine has been continuously improved, the material quality of the product has also been innovated and improved. At present, the board is made of high-molecular-weight PVC material. It does not require anti-corrosion, spray coating, etc. in the production process. It truly achieves environmental protection and greatly reduces costs. In short, the highway guardrail roll forming machine plays a very important role in modern society.

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