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Circuit of the shutter door roll forming machine and inspection of the oil circuit
Jul 21, 2018

The profiled plate of the shutter door roll forming machine is very beautiful and novel when used. The appearance of the whole device is flat and the ripple is uniform and the utilization rate is high. The strength of the roller shutter forming machine is large, the production automation degree is high, and the cost is low and urable.


Various types of slotted, tray cable tray forming equipment and ladder edge forming equipment for foam roller shutter molding machines. Light steel decoration, special-shaped cold-bending forming equipment: various types of light steel keel, T-shaped keel, decorative gusset, rolling door, sliding gate, foam roller shutter door, door rail, door edge forming equipment.


The circuit of the shutter door roll forming machine needs to pay attention to the cleaning of the circuit board in the process of operation. To some extent, it is necessary to regularly clean the dust of the strong and weak electric box, and to some extent, it is necessary to keep the electric box dry. To prevent it from getting wet.


The shutter door roll forming machine effectively checks the oil leakage of various parts of the oil circuit, and needs to be treated in a timely manner to a certain extent, so that the piston rod can be prevented from being scratched and the oil quality is deteriorated. No wear, check each grease mouth for blockage and grease.

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