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Cold bending machine will become the mainstream of development at home and abroad
Mar 15, 2018

At present, China's technological innovation is still in the absorption, imitation and integration stage, the original innovation, independent innovation is still very few things. Not enough attention has been paid to basic research and process research. The domestic cold bending steel equipment is simple, the technical equipment is backward, the unit equipment does not match. Existing production equipment is difficult to produce high-quality products with special requirements. Compared with ordinary steel structure, cold-formed Steel has many special conditions, such as cold bending effect, local buckling and super buckling of plate parts and material requirements, therefore, there are many technical problems to be further studied in this kind of structure. China's cold-formed steel industry in technical equipment with the help of a lot of foreign technology experience, but no own brand, no own scientific and technological innovation, there is no complete product system. Many new technology achievements are still in the incubation stage, lack of experience, to be improved and improved.

Planned operations require planned production. Along with the degree of traffic land intensification, traffic area will be further enlarged, agricultural production mechanization rate will further advance, I-beam cold bending machine, I-beam bending machine, I-beam arch bending machine, steel cold bending machine, cold bending machine equipment, cold bending machine manufacturers, agricultural power machinery, such as cold bending machinery will usher in a historic opportunity to unfold.

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