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Cold roll forming machine function, characteristics and applicable fields
Mar 20, 2018

The cold roller forming machine effectively includes a bottom roller, a guide rail, a top roller, a frame, and a top roller that can be moved on the frame. The guide rail is provided with a positioning block that can move on the guide rail, and the positioning block is connected with the front baffle that is sleeved on the bottom roller.

One end of the top roll and the bottom roll of the cold roll forming machine is provided with a roller locking device. The top rollers of the equipment will be provided with top roller adjusting bolts and pressure nuts. In use, the top roller needs to be lifted, and the front baffle is effectively adjusted to a desired position through the positioning block.

The steel plate to be processed needs to be placed between two rollers, the pressure nut is adjusted, and the steel plate is initially pressed to a desired shape. Then lock the roller locking device and start the device to produce it.

The cold roll forming machine needs to effectively raise the top roll, so that the mold can be effectively put on the roll, and then the roll is lowered, and the distance between the two rolls is adjusted to the required proper distance, and the roll arrangement can be locked.This model has the characteristics of reasonable design, simple structure, easy manufacture and convenient mold replacement.

Applicable area of cold roll forming machine: Mainly applicable to shaft type parts, profile correction and press fitting of shaft sleeve type parts, bending, imprinting, sleeve shape of sheet metal parts, stretched plastic products of simple parts, machine tool, internal combustion engine , Light Textile Machinery, Shafts, Bearings, Washing Machines, Automotive Motors, Air-Conditioning Motors, Electrical Appliances, and Foreign-funded Enterprises Assembly Lines, etc.

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