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Color Steel Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine Safety Operation Regulations
May 18, 2018

The Color Steel Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine is controlled according to certain standards and performance in actual use. It adopts certain standards and forms for control, can produce good performance and contribution, and can be used in good condition. The use of trends and maintenance methods.


First, the operating procedures


1. Wear tight protective clothing before operation. Fasten the cuffs. The hem of the jacket must not be left open. Do not wear or remove clothes on the next machine or cloth it to prevent injury. The safety helmet must be worn, the mattress should be placed in the cap, and no skirt and slippers are allowed. The various parts of the color steel tile press should always be kept lubricated. Each shift should be lubricated once by the operator. Every six months, the mechanic must add the rolling bearing part. Lubricate once.


2. Color Steel Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine is applicable to all kinds of steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate and non-metallic material plate whose shearing material thickness is machine tool rating, and it must be material without hard mark, welding slag, and weld seam. No super thickness is allowed. .


3, Color Steel Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine use method:


A. Adjust the blade clearance according to the thickness of the material being cut

B. Adjust the fixture or fixture according to the width of the material being cut

C. Before the operation of the color steel tile press, 1-3 empty strokes are performed before normal operation.


Second, the maintenance method

1, strictly in accordance with operating procedures

2. Each time before starting the machine, press the lubrication chart to request timing, fixed-point, and fixed-quantity lubrication. The oil should be clean and free of sediment. Non-designated personnel are strictly prohibited from operating the equipment. Normally, it must be stopped.

3. The lubricating oil in the motor bearing should be replaced and replenished regularly, and it is often checked whether the electrical work is normal and safe.

4, regular inspection of the triangle belt, handles, knobs, keys are damaged, serious wear should be promptly replaced, and reported spare parts supplement.

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