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Color steel roof tile roll forming machine structure and maintenance
Aug 29, 2018

The color steel roof tile roll forming machine is mainly composed of left and right body, transmission mechanism, oil circuit system and electric control part. The upper die stamping process of the machine: the motor drives the input shaft through the pulley, drives the upper shaft through the pinion gear and the large gear, and drives the sliding seat with the upper mold to move up and down through a set of cam mechanism to realize the pressing tile.


In the operation of the color steel roof tile roll forming machine, the indexing of the worktable is mainly through the gear set at the end of the upper shaft, the transmission pin gear, and the groove wheel mounted on the hexagonal wheel shaft to realize the indexing positioning. At each end of the upper shaft, a return cam is mounted on the same shaft and conjugated with the pressing cam, and the positioning of the lower mold in the working position of the diagonal horn is realized by the positioning rod and the positioning disc.


In practice, you should be familiar with the structure and performance of the color steel roof tile roll forming machine, and should not work beyond the minimum closing height. The mold should be designed according to this requirement to avoid machine accidents. Always pay attention to the height of the lubricating oil in the sliding case and the sides of the machine. The slanting horn equipment should be wiped frequently, kept clean, and no muddy water.

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