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Complex processing machine tool needs to strengthen after-sale service
Mar 15, 2018

Today, there are several characteristics of mechanical processing: Many varieties, small batch production, short delivery time, light, complex performance, increased the complexity of the shape of the product. In order to meet this demand, the compound machine tool was born. Because the compound machine tool is not easy to repair after the failure, so the after-sales service requirements for manufacturers increased.

The meaning of the compound machine tool is to realize the whole processing from the embryo to the finished product on a machine tool. Can greatly improve the variety of single pieces and small and medium batch processing efficiency, reduce the number of different CNC machine tools in the process of conversion caused by the work and many times. Usually these times are the 40%~60% of the whole production cycle of the parts. In particular, the compound processing machine tool is in a machine tool to complete all the processing of products, in the past need 2~3 more than a variety of machine tools to achieve. From the manufacturing cost analysis of machine tool, can save more than twice times the cost of steel raw materials, from the Machine tool investment analysis, can save more than twice times the production site area, from the machine tool production cost analysis, can greatly save human resources, power resources, improve the processing efficiency of more than twice times; from the machining accuracy analysis of machine tools, The one-time loading of the workpiece can reduce the installation error and greatly improve the machining accuracy.

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