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Composition requirements and structural stability of door frame roll forming machine
Jul 25, 2018

The surface of the door frame roll forming machine has no defects such as wrinkles, irregularities and scratches during the operation. This production line is a special molding equipment for producing door frames. The belt to be processed is manually placed on the discharge rack, then corrected, tensioned, and sent to the forming machine by the guiding device after the power leveling, and the workpiece is formed by the friction damping effect of the forming roller and the pressure roller. Next, after entering the servo tracking punching cut portion at a line speed of 0-12 m, the product is punched and cut as required, and then manually packed and transported away.

The composition of the door frame roll forming machine

The door frame roll forming machine is mainly composed of a power feeder and a manual tensioning device, a power pinch leveling machine, a cold bending forming device, a movable spacer, a hydraulic punching and cutting machine, an electrical equipment, and a finished product. Components such as rolls.

The frame of the door frame roll forming machine mainly adopts its integral fixed archway. The side plate is made of 25mm steel plate, and the two sides are finely ground. The support parts are made of high quality Taiwan bearings. The feed is made of roller type. The discharge is adjusted by twisting up and down. Good sex and stable structure.

The transmission part of the door frame roll forming machine is the conveying part of the forming power of the production line, and the power is transmitted from the main motor to the reduction gear box, and then transmitted by the reduction gear box to the driving wheel through the sprocket.

The driving wheel is driven by chain to make the upper and lower rolling turns synchronously.

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