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Configuration and features of the metal rolling doors roll forming equipment
Dec 26, 2018

The metal rolling doors roll forming equipment is widely used in the production of rolling shutters in various industrial plants, warehouses, supermarkets, shopping malls and other occasions. The metal rolling doors roll forming equipment is mainly composed of a feeding introduction platform, a molding host, a forming shearing device, a hydraulic station, a computer control system, and the like, and is used with a seaming machine.

The the metal rolling doors roll forming equipment can be made of galvanized steel sheet or color steel plate or aluminum plate of different colors as the raw material. The color steel plate rolling gate of the product is beautiful in color, non-fading and non-rusting, and is widely used in storefronts, workshops, warehouses, fireproof partitions, etc. The rolling shutter forming device is a series of multi-joint movable door pieces connected together, and in the fixed sliding channel, the upper and lower doors are rotated around the reel above the door.

Various roll-up doors made of metal roll door forming equipment are suitable for public places or houses such as commercial facades, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines. Such as for garage doors, shopping malls, fire shutter doors, hangar doors. From the open form points: 1. Manual roller blinds. The manual pull-up switch is achieved by balancing the force with the torsion spring on the central axis of the roller blind. 2. Electric roller blinds. The special motor is used to drive the central axis of the roller blind to rotate, and the roller shutter switch is reached, and automatically stops when it is turned to the upper and lower limits set by the motor.

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