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Control mode and opening form classification of the steel rolling shutter roll forming machine
Jan 14, 2019

When the steel rolling shutter roll forming machine is operating, with the continuous advancement of its technology, the level of technology continues to increase, and the rolling gate machine is widely used in our daily life. The rolling shutter is also called the rolling door, which refers to a multi-joint The movable door pieces are combined in series, and the fixed sliding guide is used to rotate the door around the upper reel. Due to the continuous improvement and improvement of the technology, the style, type, model and function of the rolling shutter are not used in the market.

The  steel rolling shutter roll forming machine is a series of multi-joint movable door pieces connected together. In a fixed slideway, the upper and lower doors are rotated around the reel above the door. Applicable to public places or houses such as commercial facades, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines. In particular, the door opening is large, and it is convenient and quick to open the place where the ground door body is inconvenient. Such as for garage doors, shopping malls, fire shutter doors, hangar doors.

Steel rolling shutter roll forming machine is classified from open form

1. Manual roller blinds. The manual pull-up switch is achieved by balancing the force with the torsion spring on the central axis of the roller blind. 2. Electric roller blinds. The special motor is used to drive the central axis of the roller blind to rotate, and the roller shutter switch is reached, and automatically stops when it is turned to the upper and lower limits set by the motor. Rolling shutter special motors include: external roller door machine, Australian roll door machine, tubular roll door machine, fire roll door machine, inorganic double curtain roll door machine, fast roll door machine, etc.

There are two common control methods for steel rolling shutter roll forming machine:

1, wireless remote control, common 433MHz wireless remote control handle control.

2, external system control, with the development of information technology, this method is also increasingly used, such as electric door automatic release system through embedded control system or computer control, the computer automatically recognizes the vehicle number plate, automatically open the door. 

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