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Curtain Round Pipe Roll Forming Machine introduction
Sep 08, 2018

The curtain round pipe roll forming machine is mainly used for the manufacture of curtain tube products.

In the specific material, it can be a stainless steel round tube, a galvanized round tube, and an aluminum alloy round tube. These round tubes are often seen in our daily life, and they are also very good in terms of use.


There are some differences between curtain tube forming machines and ordinary molding machines, but they also have similarities.


The technical parameters of the curtain round pipe roll forming machine are the feeding material, forming speed, molding pass, roll material, cutting motor, cutting system, control system and external dimensions.


The rate of the curtain round pipe roll forming machine is determined by the three factors: time rate, performance rate and first rate:

Time utilization rate = actual boot time / planned boot time

Performance rate = actual production / standard output

One yield rate = actual number of good products / actual output

Equipment utilization rate = time utilization rate * performance utilization rate * one yield rate

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