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Development trend of CNC plasma cutting technology at home and abroad
Mar 15, 2018

CNC Plasma cutting technology is a CNC technology, computer software, hardware technology, plasma cutting technology, precision machinery technology in one of the High-tech. The development of CNC plasma cutting machine can completely change the domestic heat cutting industry equipment level, reversing the hot cutting industry existing low efficiency, poor quality, high labor intensity, low material utilization, environmental Manaka situation, narrowing the gap with foreign advanced countries. At the same time, the development of CNC plasma cutting technology can drive related fields and disciplines to reach the international advanced level.

Flame cutting has a large cutting deformation, can not adapt to the needs of high-precision cutting, and cutting speed is low, before cutting need to preheat, spend time, difficult to adapt to the needs of unmanned operation. Plasma cutting has a wide range of cutting, can cut all metal sheet and many non-metallic materials, the highest cutting speed of up to 10m/min, is 10 times times the flame cutting. Underwater cutting can eliminate the noise generated by cutting, dust, harmful gases and arc, conducive to environmental protection, in line with the 21st century environmental requirements.

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