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Door Frame Roll Forming Machine valve production requirements and use of advantages
Apr 13, 2018

In the process of operation, the Door Frame Roll Forming Machine can effectively integrate the various processes required for production to a certain extent according to the different needs of its customers, such as automatic refueling machines, cutting and stamping systems, and complicated welding and riveting. Bending, handling and packaging systems.

To a certain extent, the Door Frame Roll Forming Machine brings its huge added value in order to be able to change its production capacity. During the production process of the equipment, the material of the rolling material effectively includes the hot-rolled steel to some extent. Belts, pickling plates, color plates, cold rolled steel strips, etc.

The accuracy of the profile size produced by the door frame roll forming machine can be controlled within 0.05 mm to a certain extent, the rolling mill material is mainly stainless steel, cold rolled plate, plate thickness 0.8-1.5mm3, production speed 0-10 meters/minute.

The Door Frame Roll Forming Machine is mainly composed of punching, molding machine, guiding part, leveling part, discharging machine, cutting machine, receiving table, electrical control cabinet and the like in the process of manufacturing. Technical parameters of the main components of the equipment: Discharger load capacity.

In the process of production, the Door Frame Roll Forming Machine is mainly used for the production of door frames of various metal industries, and its civil door frames are roll-embossed with cold bending machines. In other words, various patterns can be printed during the molding process of the door frame. The finished product sheet is neat and beautiful, no paint is drawn, and the cut section is flat. Features: Easy to operate, easy to maintain, flattened profile extruded from machine, accurate size, high accuracy, fast speed can reach around 0-15/min, save raw materials, stable operation of machine, reduce waste.

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