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Electrical system and process method of tile roll forming machine
May 04, 2018

The tile roll forming machine mainly adopts a three-beam four-post structure in the process of manufacturing. The upper beam and the worktable of the device are mainly combined into a fixed frame through a post, a fastening nut, and an adjusting nut, and a tile roll forming machine. The precision of the frame is adjusted by adjusting nuts, which has good strength, rigidity and precision retention.

The workbench, slide block, and upper beam of the tile roll forming machine are large-scale steel plate welded parts. The equipment is optimized by the computer, and the structure is effectively strengthened to a certain degree. The deformation resistance, strength, and rigidity are all satisfied. Standards and use requirements, and there is ample safety factor.

The hydraulic system of the tile roll forming machine mainly adopts its independent hydraulic power mechanism during the production process. The equipment is mainly composed of a pump, a motor, a valve manifold, a fuel tank, a cooling device, etc., and the power mechanism includes oil. Liquid filtration, liquid level display and other devices.

Electrical system of tile roll forming machine

The system part of the tile roll forming machine mainly adopts the jog, semi-automatic, so that it can effectively achieve the two process methods of fixed and constant pressure to a certain extent. The working pressure of the liquid and the stroke of the slider can be according to the process requirements. Make adjustments and maintain pressure.

The corresponding function buttons of the tile roll forming machine's operating system complete the corresponding actions. Each press of the button completes one click of the corresponding action, which is mainly used for equipment adjustment and replacement of the mold. Semi-automatic: press the work button to complete a process cycle. The slider stroke is adjusted by the stroke control device. The master cylinder is regulated by a remote regulator.

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