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Excellent process and anti-collision device for roller shutter roll forming machine
Jan 29, 2019

Engineering plastics for roller shutter roll forming machine

The main plastic parts of the door (such as the connection between pipe and pipe, plastic parts, movable parts of the door, etc.) are made of high quality engineering plastics (such as PC, PA), high toughness, impact resistance, resistance to distortion, freeze resistance, and lightfastness. , not easy to aging, service life, from wind, snow, lightning, sun and rain.

Roller shutter roll forming machine intelligent infrared probe anti-collision device

When the door body is closed, 30-50cm of people or foreign objects can automatically return to run, thus protecting the vehicles and pedestrians. Standard structure: the inner space of the door row (that is, the distance between the two main bends adjacent to each other, the size of the main pipe) adopts the standard size of the rolling door of 320mm, which ensures the cross pipe is solid and greatly reduces the running noise.

Excellent process for roller shutter roll forming machine

The main frame profiles of the art production door are made of plastic parts. The screw fixing of the connection position adopts the invisible design to improve the appearance of the door body. The connection between the profile and the plastic parts adopts the processes of punching, pressing and drilling to make the door body. Strong structure, no solder joints. Cross-connection design: The cross-tube is made of process punching, which is tightly combined with the round tube to make the door row structure solid and keep the operation smooth.

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