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Factors to consider when choosing color steel machinery
Sep 30, 2018

There are many reasons for using color steel tile machinery to consider the factors that need to be considered for the use of color steel tile machinery. There are several main aspects to consider:


First, reduce production costs using cold forming production line for production, the cost will generally be less than other production methods, cold forming production and punching, punching, embossing, welding, gluing, painting, packaging and other The combination of methods can further reduce production costs while avoiding the handling and inventory of each process, and greatly reducing costs.


Second, increase the sales volume of molded products, increase production capacity, and expand production scale. When an existing product reaches a certain degree in the form of bending, stamping, welding, extrusion or purchase, then the product is improved. Bending forming equipment is a shortcut to the economy, reducing the input cost of labor and raw materials, and avoiding the investment of additional equipment.


Third, the introduction of new cold bending equipment, such as the use of two-layer integrated equipment, 840/900 and other integrated color steel equipment, can greatly improve production efficiency, good output rate, fast revenue cycle, so that your cost is In a short time, get rewards and benefits. At the same time, the introduction of new equipment can also meet some special production requirements, such as products with high tension or special materials, or products with different lengths and widths.


Cold-formed steel is one of many steel grades. A strip of a certain width is subjected to a set of longitudinally arranged rolls under normal temperature conditions, and is gradually deformed to meet the shape and size required for use, and then cut to a corresponding size. length. This product is a cold-formed steel. Of course, cold-formed steel can also be obtained by deformation methods such as punching, bending or drawing. However, the roll forming method is suitable for large-scale industrial production, and its product quality, processing cost, and production efficiency are incomparable to other methods, and it is the main production process of the current cold-formed steel. If the unit is equipped with welding equipment (such as high-frequency welding, argon arc welding, etc.), it can also produce cold-formed steel with closed sections.


The difference between cold-formed steel and welded steel pipe is mainly: welded steel pipe is mainly used to transport fluids such as gas and tap water. Oil, liquefied gas, steam, etc. The steel pipe is required to withstand a certain pressure, and the cold-formed steel is used to manufacture the structure. Under the external force, there are certain requirements for the section, shape, size and mechanical properties of the steel.

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