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Features of Color steel roll forming machine
May 23, 2018

Roll forming machine is our company's main machine product. Our machine configuration is the best accessory.


The products produced by the forming equipment are characterized by light weight, high strength, large bearing capacity, and good shock resistance, and are widely used in the construction of high-rise high-rise steel structures.


Color steel roll forming machine equipment includes:

Machine body, PLC computer control system, special cutting equipment, professional hydraulic system.


Color steel roll forming machine features and uses:


The pressure plate produced by the Longbo company's Color steel roll forming machine is both elegant and elegant, and has a smooth appearance, uniform ripple, high utilization rate, high strength, high degree of production automation, low cost, and durability. The product owner is universally applicable to civil construction of large and medium-sized enterprises, such as factory buildings, garages, hangars, sports stadiums, and theaters.


Tile mills have small investment returns, and in recent years, with the development of screens, can manufacturing lines, meters, automobiles, hardware and other industries, the demand for tile press equipment is also increasing.


The color steel plate products produced by the color steel tile press machines are widely used in construction household appliances, transportation and other industries, and are mainly used for the roof and walls of industrial and commercial buildings such as steel structures, airports, warehouses, and freezers in the construction industry. There are fewer color steel plates for civil buildings.

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