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Forming method and main advantages of cold roll forming machine
Apr 24, 2018

In the process of operation, the cold roll forming machine mainly uses its roll cold roll forming, and its forming roll is effectively installed on the frame. To a certain extent, the forming roll that drives the strip advancement is directly passed by the motor through the transmission system. Drive, generally only the horizontal roller is the active roller, and the vertical roller is often the passive roller.

When the metal plate of the cold roll forming machine passes through several pairs of perforated rollers to a certain degree, it is fed along with the rotating plate of the roller and is continuously bent at the same time, so that it can be maintained to a certain degree. So as to obtain the desired cross-sectional shape of the article. It can be seen that roller bending is a continuous bending method.

In the bending deformation zone of the cross-section of the cold roll forming machine, the outer fiber of the bending piece is stretched by the tensile surface, and the inner fiber is compressed and shortened. Between the two areas of shortening and elongation, there is a layer of fiber with the same length. For the neutral layer, the arc formed in the cross section is called the neutral line.

The cold roll forming machine will to some extent be due to its outer layer strain is a pull a pressure, which will easily lead to a certain degree of thinning deformation, the inner layer is compressive strain, is not conducive to plastic flow, coupled with the molding roll convex The rigid contact with round corners causes the metal to flow nowhere, but has to move the neutral layer inwards, so that the thickness of the bent portion is reduced, and the thinning amount is generally small.

The main advantages of the cold roll forming machine structure:

1. Compared to thicker hot-rolled section steels, cold-formed steels can be machined to smaller loads and shorter spans.

2. Unusual cross-sectional shapes can be economically obtained by cold forming and satisfactory strength to weight ratios can be obtained.

3. There is no elastic deformation and deformation under the effect of environmental gravity.

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