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Full hydraulic drive and rationalized design of octagonal tube forming machine
Jul 18, 2018

When the octagonal tube forming machine is in operation, its computer mainly adopts the computer host chip of its imported PLC, which can effectively match the liquid crystal display to a certain extent, and its software will use the fault self-diagnosis system and the error correction function, so that it can The operation is more convenient, and the control program is designed in a fool-like manner, and can be operated without professional training.


The octagonal tube forming machine is mainly driven by full hydraulic pressure. It has the first domestic stepless hydraulic frequency modulation technology to a certain extent, which solves the adaptability of the molding machine to various materials and block types, improves the compactness of materials and shortens the molding cycle. .


The octagonal tube forming machine mainly adopts the method of vertical storage of cardboard. It can be replenished at any time to a certain extent. It does not need to be shut down. Generally, it is suitable for the same carton size package at the same time. If you need to change the carton specifications, Manual adjustment (use only 1 to 2 minutes).


The octagonal tube forming machine is mainly designed with reasonable design. The suction box, molding and back cover of the whole equipment are automatically processed. The mechanical parts of the equipment are precise and durable. The equipment is vibration-free during operation, and it is operated during operation. Stable operation and long life.

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