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Garage door forming machine has high production efficiency and stable operation
Aug 04, 2018

In the process of operation, the garage door forming machine can design and produce various garage door equipment according to the requirements of its customers, and then effectively carry out its production and installation.

The garage door forming machine has powerful machining ability and has various professional precision processing. equipment. The testing methods are complete, the quality management system is strict, the technology level is advanced, and the process equipment is excellent. The garage door equipment has the advantages of stable operation, high yield, convenient operation and low power consumption, and is well received by users.

The garage door forming machine is mainly used for the production of the side parking garage side plate and the bottom plate. The production efficiency is high, the molding consistency is good, the plate shape is accurate, the bearing capacity is high, the installation is convenient, the lap joint effect is good, and the like is widely used in the three-dimensional parking garage.

The cold bending equipment of the garage door forming machine is used for the three-dimensional garage wave plate profile. The whole line is controlled by the PLC program. The operator can select the preset program through the touch screen to achieve the automatic operation of the production requirements. The operation mode has automatic, manual and village east debugging. Single motor, emergency stop and other control functions.

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