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Garage door forming machine productivity and rated load
Jul 06, 2018

The garage door forming machine is mainly used for the three-dimensional garage wave board profile when it is used. The whole equipment is mainly controlled by its PLC program, and its operators can effectively select the preset program through its touch screen to achieve the automatic operation of production requirements. The operation mode has various control functions such as automatic, manual, village east debugging, single machine electric, emergency stop and so on.

The bottom plate production line of the garage door forming machine and the bottom frame of the three-dimensional garage are mainly used for the production of the side parking garage side plate and the bottom plate during operation. The production efficiency is high and the molding consistency is good, the plate shape is accurate, and the bearing is accurate. Features such as high capacity, easy installation, and good lap joint effect are widely used in three-dimensional parking garages.

The garage door forming machine is a press type device for producing galvanized steel rails on a garage door, and the galvanized rail product of the garage door produced can withstand, fix, or guide the moving device or reduce its friction. Guide rails, also known as slide rails, linear guides, and linear slide rails, are used for linear reciprocating applications. They have a higher rated load than linear bearings, and can withstand a certain torque, enabling high-precision linear motion under high load conditions. .

The garage door forming machine is easy to use, improving productivity, reducing production costs, and the like. The existing automatic control production lines of various types of cold bending machines and cold bending forming machines are at the leading position at home and abroad. They are light in weight, reasonable in design, constantly updated and progressed, and have been recognized and praised by the industry.

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