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Garage door roll forming machine needs to help to run sound and digest pattern data
Jan 16, 2019

The main mold of the garage door roll forming machine is mainly composed of 12 pairs plus 5 straightening rolling materials. The cold rolled sheet and the galvanized strip are made of bearing steel. The roll mold is heated and processed. The method of use: The product has manual and fully automatic, the specific operation reference manual, one year warranty. Maintenance is carried out by the equipment operators on duty, and earnestly do three things before operating.

(1) Digest the pattern data and check the handover record. Wipe the device and lubricate it as required. Check that the handle position and manual operation are correct and flexible, and that the safety device is reliable. Check whether the transmission is normal at low speed and whether the lubrication and cooling are smooth.

(2)Pay attention to the operation sound, equipment temperature, pressure, liquid level, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic system, instrument signal, safety insurance is normal.

(3)Close the switch, all the handles are placed in the zero position. Remove iron filings, dirt, wipe the oil on the guide surface and sliding surface of the equipment, and add oil. Clean the work site, organize the accessories, tools. Fill in the shift record and the running table Record, handle the handover procedures.

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