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Guardrail Roll Forming Machine management convenience and crimping requirements
Apr 04, 2018

The Guardrail Roll Forming Machine is an intelligent rail forming machine during the operation process, and effectively includes a rack in the process of operation, and a rack is effectively set on the rack, and the rail guide rail molding machine workbench There is a guide mechanism for shipping products.

In addition to the rack of the Guardrail Roll Forming Machine, a robot for transporting the product via the guide mechanism is also provided. Its manipulator will be effectively set on the steering wheel through its hand seat. Its steering wheel is set on the robot console through the robot arm.

A feeding mechanism is arranged beside the frame of the Guardrail Roll Forming Machine, and the feeding mechanism includes a feeding belt for conveying the products arranged beside the robot hand. The feeding belt is arranged on the feeding rack, and one end of the feeding belt is provided with a robot hand and a feeding belt. One end is provided with a unloading belt, and a packing box is arranged below the unloading belt.

The Guardrail Roll Forming Machine has the characteristics of full intelligence, convenient operation and management, low production cost, simple and reasonable structure, high production efficiency, high safety, and wide application range to some extent.

The Guardrail Roll Forming Machine can effectively use the equipment to crimp the rails and brackets. It acts on the lower tooling mechanism and the booster cylinder to act on the upper tooling mechanism to realize the forward and backward feeding of the next tooling and adjust the lower tooling relative to the upper tooling. After the position, the pressurizing cylinder is used to move the upper tool up and down to press the guide rail and the bracket. At the same time, the crimping device does not need to be periodically cleaned like a welding device, nor will it have a partial change of material, but only a physical connection, which ensures the stability of the product.

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