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High-speed double-layer forming machine operating characteristics and working principle
Jul 09, 2018

In the process of operation, the high-speed double-layer forming machine mainly transforms between high and low-grade frames, and to some extent, it can effectively combine the two models perfectly, and the upper and lower layers of the high-speed double-layer forming machine The model is mainly customized according to the requirements of its customers, with reasonable structure and beautiful appearance.


The high-speed double-layer forming machine mainly consists of a feeding introduction platform, a forming main machine, a forming shearing device, a hydraulic station, a computer control system, etc., and has the characteristics of saving space and simple operation during operation, and producing another The plate type rolls are mounted on a high frame, and a computer control system and a hydraulic shearing system are used in the production.


The high-speed double-layer forming machine saves space to a certain extent, and the time for replacing the two kinds of plates during operation is also shorter, so that the output rate can be improved, thereby meeting the needs of many small and medium-sized color steel enterprises.


Computer control system: The equipment adopts PLC industrial computer control system. Using the working principle of the gear oil pump, the system includes one hydraulic pump station, one hydraulic cylinder, two hydraulic oil pipes and two sets of electromagnetic valves.

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