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How to improve the cold bending forming machine is the best condition
Mar 15, 2018

Cold bending machine is the most commonly used in the shutter door equipment, and its use effect depends largely on the accuracy of the equipment itself, then in its operation, to ensure that the cold bending molding machine is the best state to achieve the best results, then from which aspects to start?

The first is the selection of the key parts of the cold bending machine, that is, the roll, its material must have good wear resistance, hardness and strength. The second is to ensure the stability of the operation of the cold bending machine, because the material in the process will be in the raceway at the mercy of the pendulum, so can be based on the actual force situation to control the direction of swinging.

At the same time, it is the precision of the wheel machining in the cold bending machine. Not only that, the main transmission equipment to choose roller cone bearings, and ensure that the spindle radial runout in the 0.04MM table, so as to avoid the movement.

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