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Introduction of technical characteristics of Perforation Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine
Aug 25, 2018

Combined with the actual use effect analysis, the main technical features of the Perforation Shutter Door Roll Forming Machine are as follows:


First of all, the processing cost is less, the cutting loss is less, thus reducing the total cost of materials;

Secondly, the shape of the profile can be processed by the perforated shutter roller forming machine;

Third, the head and tail of the profile are twisted and the degree of opening is reduced, and the product quality is improved.


In fact, the entire operation of the perforated shutter door roll forming machine is continuous, so productivity can be effectively ensured. Moreover, the current steel door and window material type adopts a roll-type continuous cold-bending forming process, and the tail of the former roll of the strip and the head of the next roll of the strip are aligned and butt-welded during the forming, so that the blank strip continuously enters the molding machine for molding. . This molding process is efficient, productive and versatile.


It can be seen that with the continuous improvement of the technical level, the perforation shutter door roll forming machine not only can meet the processing requirements of the processing, but also ensures the production specification shape of the product, and can also greatly improve the production and processing rate of the product and increase the output.

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