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Loading, forming and discharging of the highway guardrail roll forming machine
Nov 24, 2018

In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic highway construction, the safety fence market has been expanding continuously. However, due to the different mastery of the performance, technical parameters and production process of the products, the quality of the products is mixed, which not only affects the expressway. The visual effect also greatly shortens the effective use period of the guardrail and also increases the maintenance cost. The guardrails produced by the highway guardrail roll forming machine are different.

The production of highway guardrail rolling forming machine can be easily divided into three parts: loading, forming and discharging. The highway guardrail rolling forming machine adopts single-head unwinding machine, one-side discharging, and adopts automatic hydraulic inner tensioning. Tightly; then open the material into the unit guide wheel, leveling into the upper three rolls and four rolls, using hydraulic punching, can be adjusted before and after left and right.

At the same time, the highway guardrail rolling forming machine is also equipped with a cycloidal pin reducer and a hydraulic station motor, and controls the operation of the unit through the frequency conversion speed control system; because the touch screen computer operation panel is adopted, the user operates the device more Simple and convenient. After the product is finished, it will be automatically discharged from the highway guardrail rolling machine.

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