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Maintenance and drive requirements for round tube forming machine
Aug 06, 2018

In the process of making the tube forming machine, it mainly adopts the imported computer host chip of the PLC, matches the liquid crystal display, the software standby fault self-diagnosis system and the error correction function, which makes the operation more convenient, and the control program is fool-proof. You can get on the job without professional training.

The pipe forming machine is mainly driven by full hydraulic pressure. It has the first domestic stepless hydraulic frequency modulation technology to some extent, which solves the adaptability of the molding machine to various materials and block types, improves the compactness of materials and shortens the forming. cycle.

Maintenance of round tube forming machine

1. Circuit: Pay attention to the cleanness of the circuit board. Clean the dust of the strong and weak electric box during operation, keep the electric box dry and prevent moisture.

2. Oil circuit: Check whether there are oil leakage in all parts of the oil circuit and deal with it in time. Prevent piston rod scratches and oil deterioration.

3. Machinery: Check the transmission parts of the machine for wear and tear. Check each grease nozzle for blockage and grease.

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