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Maintenance lubrication and safe operation of garage door roll forming machine
Nov 21, 2018

During the use of the garage door roll forming machine, the user plays a supervisory role in the operation of the equipment and maintenance lubrication. For daily maintenance and lubrication, the user should strictly follow the requirements, so that the equipment can work in the best condition.

In order to ensure the safety during the operation of the garage door roll forming machine, the staff should strictly abide by the safety operation rules and wear the labor protection articles according to the regulations; the upper and lower molds should be cleaned and wiped clean before starting; and according to the required processing materials Size adjustment equipment and feed clamp dimensions.

Then turn the main switch of the garage door roll forming machine to the "ON" position; turn the device switch to the "forward" position; at the same time, fine-tune the device speed control knob; then manually send the required processing materials to the specified position of the device; adjust the speed control The knob speeds up the machine until the material is processed. Note that the edge material cut during the machining process is involved in the equipment.

Confirm that the materials already completed in the garage door roll forming machine meet the requirements. If it is qualified, you can start the cycle operation; when the work is finished, turn the garage door forming machine operation button to the “stop” position and turn the speed control button to the zero position. Turn the device switch to the "OFF" position. Finally, wipe the equipment, tooling, and accessories for proper storage. 

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