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Metal embossing machine protection device and automatic conversion core degree
Sep 15, 2018

The protection device of the metal embossing machine is safe to a certain extent. Whether it is from current output or radio wave interference, it has strict protective measures, which is important to protect the safety of production and the safety of operators. Measures.

In order to avoid radio interference, the metal embossing machine is equipped with a high-frequency frequency stabilizer and a high-frequency device to minimize high-frequency interference. Safety protection device, when the current load exceeds the limit value during the operation of the embossing machine, the overload current relay will automatically cut off the high voltage, protect the oscillation tube and the rectifier, and the embossing machine is equipped with a high-sensitivity spark suppressor, and can avoid improper operation. The resulting frequency drift minimizes electrode and material damage and the warning light also illuminates.

The automatic over-current protection system of the metal embossing machine can increase the service life of the vacuum tube and protect the mold. First of all, we have to observe the thickness of the raw material of the embossing machine. Generally, the embossing machine uses thicker steel, which can reduce the vibration amplitude of the embossing machine while it is running. It has a good effect on the life maintenance of the embossing machine.

The degree of automatic conversion of the metal embossing machine, the higher the degree of automation, of course, the more intelligent, oh, the performance of this embossing machine is naturally better, the efficiency and quality will be correspondingly higher. For the embossing machine, the proficiency of the workers at the time of installation also needs attention. The more skilled the workers are, the smaller the gap of the embossing machine assembled and the longer the service life.

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