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Operating characteristics and production process of octagonal tube forming machine
Aug 23, 2018

When the octagonal tube forming machine is rolled, the thickness of the sheet material is usually 60, and the wall thickness of the octagonal tube is 0.6, 0.8, 1 mm. The octagonal tube forming machine has the advantages of stable operation, high yield, convenient operation and low power consumption, and is well received by users.


Under normal conditions, during the operation of the octagonal tube forming machine, its working speed can reach three to eight meters per minute. The machine is driven by the gear box in the transverse direction. The whole machine is mainly installed by the inner support type, the punching machine automatically feeds the punching hole, the feeding guide mechanism, the forming roller mechanism, the shaping and correcting mechanism, the pneumatic tracking cutting device, the PLC computer. Control system and finished material handling equipment.


The production process of the octagonal tube forming machine is mainly: firstly, the steel coil is loaded into the inner support type feeding frame, and then the punching machine automatically feeds the punching and feeding guiding mechanism (the steel strip plate is correctly passed through the guiding guiding platform). Imported into the molding machine), forming roller table, plastic correction, hydraulic tracking and cutting, and finally the finished material tray.

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