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Operating precautions for the rolling door frame roll forming machine
Dec 19, 2018

The rolling door frame roll forming machine is composed of an unwinding device, a feeding guiding mechanism, a forming roller mechanism, a shaping and correcting mechanism, a hydraulic cutting device, a control system and a finished feeding device. The obtained door piece is beautiful, and has the characteristics of convenient operation, energy saving and the like.

In the process of operating the rolling door frame roll forming machine, first pay attention to familiar with the pattern data and check the shift record. Then wipe the device and lubricate as required. Check carefully that the handle position and manual operation are correct and flexible, and that the safety device is reliable. Finally, at the low speed, check whether the transmission is normal, and whether the lubrication and cooling are smooth.

During the operation of the rolling door frame roll forming machine, pay attention to listening to its running sound, and pay attention to the temperature, pressure, liquid level, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic system, instrument signal, safety and safety of the equipment. After the job is completed, the switch should be turned off and all handles placed in the zero position. Remove iron filings, dirt, and clean the oil on the rail and sliding surfaces of the equipment and refuel. Clean the workplace, organize attachments and tools. Fill in the shift record and the record of the operation desk, and go through the handover procedure. 

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