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Operating requirements and efficiency of cold-formed steel equipment
Sep 26, 2018

In the process of operating the cold-formed steel equipment, its own auxiliary system first stacks its brackets between two rolling wheels. The hydraulic system of the cold-formed steel equipment is to allow the hydraulic pressure to push the cold pressure. It is possible to use the system of the transmission, of course, these systems have the purpose suitable for them, so as to improve the working efficiency of the cold bending equipment, and also let the main rolling wheel use the force of friction to drive it, thus realizing the real Cold bending effect.


Cold-formed steel equipment will bring great convenience to the implementation of the cold-bending cutting process to a certain extent. The small size of the product is easy to carry during operation, which can not only provide the quality of stamping design. The protection, to a certain extent, can also be applied to the equipment conveniently in different locations, thus making great changes in the effect of stamping. The small size feature can be used to facilitate the operation, and the cold bending design principle is used to further upgrade the processing effect.


Operating requirements for cold-formed steel equipment

1. Before using the cold-formed steel equipment, be sure to check the equipment carefully and carefully. This step is also to protect the equipment, so that it can effectively ensure the cold bending during the use. The device can be used normally.

2. Cold-formed steel equipment needs to pay attention to the firmness of the upper and lower molds on the equipment, and whether the positioning device between the points and points inside the equipment meets the processing requirements.

3. Be careful to return the position of each component to its original position. If it is not in the original position, it must be adjusted to the original position.


The main principle of the cold-formed steel equipment during the operation is to make the strips effectively bend in a straight line along the longitudinal direction thereof, the pressure generated during the bending process and the existence of the strips. The stress should be the combined state, and the most commonly used tortuous directions appearing in the strip are the horizontal direction and the vertical direction. The tortuous nouns in these two directions are called side bends and warps, respectively, but in the use of cold bends. In the case of equipment, there is also a tortuous situation called distortion, and the shape represented by this distortion is a spiral shape.


Cold-bending equipment can also be used to correct the structure under certain conditions. When it is carried out, it must be used in the opposite direction to the shape to deform the finished equipment, and the rebound is also very small.

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