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Operation method of the metal rolling shutters forming machine
Jan 18, 2019

1. Metal rolling shutters forming machine selects a flat countertop. The machine needs to be stabilized. The chassis feet can be pulled apart to make the machine panel easy to observe.

2. Metal rolling shutters forming machine insert the plug on the hand-held sensor head into the socket on the panel and tighten it

3. Plug one end of the power cord into the socket on the rear panel of the chassis and the other end into the power supply socket. Be sure to use a single-phase three-wire power supply.

The metal rolling shutter forming machine places the induction head on the container cover and presses the start button on the handle. At this time, the “heating” red indicator light is on, indicating that it is heating, the sensor head is not removed, and the “heating” red indicator light is off. Then remove the sensor head and wait for the “prepare” green indicator light or the buzzer in the machine to beep “beep” to perform the sealing operation of the next container. 

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