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PLC control roll forming machine safety operation procedures
Sep 19, 2018

The operator must be familiar with the performance and operating procedures of the PLC-control roll forming machine in advance. Also, check the machine itself and the surrounding area for any debris or obstacles before starting the machine. Check each meter and the button is normal.

Before each work, start the PLC control rolling forming machine for 10 minutes.


During the test run of the PLC control roll forming machine, take care to ensure that each lubrication point is fully lubricated, taking care not to start with load. Lubricate once every 30 minutes during normal operation to ensure safe operation of the equipment. It is forbidden to use the top of the device when the device is working. Abnormal vibrations were found during the operation of the equipment, and hydraulic oil leakage and noise were immediately stopped for inspection.


During the operation of the PLC control roll forming machine, the staff should maintain an appropriate safety distance. When the equipment leaves the equipment, it should be shut down, and the equipment should be clearly explained to the squad leader. The pressure of the PLC controlled dome roll forming machine system is 20Mp, and overpressure work is strictly prohibited. After the work is over, shut down the equipment in time and clean the surrounding sanitation.

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