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Process flow and performance characteristics of door frame roll forming machine
Jun 27, 2018

The door frame roll forming machine adopts the hydraulic compression molding of the table mold and vibration. The molding cycle is short and the production efficiency is high. The use of door frame roller molding machines is more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and easy to implement automated management. The machine can be molded once, greatly simplifying the production process, making the operation simpler and more convenient to use.


Door frame roll forming machine production process:

Automatic discharge - guidance - leveling, feeding - continuous punching - forming - length, cut - receipt.


Door frame roll forming machine unit performance characteristics:

1. The appearance of the finished door frame roller is beautiful and elegant, and the product quality is improved;

2. The equipment has high forming efficiency, small workload, and saves production costs;

3. As a special equipment for the molding and semi-molding of anti-theft door frames, the frame roller molding machine unit is also suitable for use in manufacturing industries such as steel structures and home appliances;

4. The cost of the coil is low and the cutting loss is low, thus reducing the total cost of the material;

5, the door frame roll forming machine unit can process the shape of the complex shape, and the profile of the head and tail twist and opening degree reduced.

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