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Processing technology and system advantages of highway guardrail roll forming machine
Sep 17, 2018

According to the actual production situation, the processing flow of the highway guardrail roll forming machine is mainly: discharge rack, leveling machine, punching machine, fast feeding, photoelectric fixed length, forming host, straightening device, receiving rack, Control system, molding die. The machine is controlled by PLC and has multiple safety protections during normal production.


From the structural analysis, the bed of the highway guardrail roll forming machine is made of steel plate welded parts, and has been tempered to eliminate internal stress and avoid deformation of the fuselage. The forming frame is of cast iron construction and is tempered. High strength and long service life. The material of the roll shaft in the machine is 40Cr and is quenched and tempered to have a hardness of HB280.


In addition, the material used for the forming mold in the highway guardrail roll forming machine is GCr15, and after quenching, the hardness can reach HRC56-62 °C. At the same time, the transmission structure of the machine is gearbox transmission. Each molding frame has a gearbox that guarantees the highway guardrail roll forming machine over time, high-intensity operation, and long life.

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