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Production process and unit composition of roofing glazed tile roll forming machine
Sep 21, 2018

During the operation of the roofing glazed tile roll forming machine, the main production process is: discharging, entering the feeding guide, rolling forming, forming (automatic cutting required), and finished materials. For different rolling product specifications, we should choose the molding machine with the right model. The usual rolling speed is 8 to 12 meters per minute.


In the structure of the equipment, the main shaft is made of 45# steel to ensure the equipment is stable and reliable. As an important part of the roof glazed tile forming machine, the shearing electric control adopts hydraulic cutting, the hydraulic station power is 3KW, the scissor piece material is Cr12, the computer case is only 700mm×1000mm×300mm, and the advanced touch screen and PLC are also equipped. , inverters, encoders and other devices.


In the roofing glazed tile roll forming machine, the main components include:

1. Simple discharge rack;

2. Forming the host;

3. Computer control cabinet;

4. Shearing device;

5. Hydraulic pump station;

6, the receiving station.

In general, the roofing glazed tile roll forming machine has a simple structure and a beautiful appearance. The whole machine adopts a steel structure, has strong storage capacity, stable and reliable operation, low equipment noise and high work efficiency.

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