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Reasonable design and derusting requirements for highway guardrail roll forming machine
Jul 20, 2018

In the process of operation, the highway guardrail roll forming machine mainly produces various roof panels of different appearances according to their production needs, and the finished product rate is high when operating, and now with the continuous development of its economy, The application of highway light steel structure in highway protection has been popularized, the demand for production equipment has been increasing, and the automation requirements for production equipment have become higher and higher. The company has invested in research and development of various types of color steel profiles. board.


The highway guardrail roll forming machine has a light structure and reasonable design to a certain extent, and is constantly updated and improved during use. It is favored and praised by light steel builders and manufacturers. The production line of highway guardrail rolling forming machine Forming process rack - leveling machine - punching machine - fast feeding - photoelectric scale - forming host - straightening device - receiving rack - control system - forming mold.


The structural material of the welding machine base of the highway guardrail roll forming machine must meet the requirements to a certain extent. The welding must conform to the requirements of the national steel knot welding standard. After the equipment is derusted, the steel structure is specially coated with anti-rust paint. The rust paint must be fully covered and then coated with a high quality finish. The rotating part applies the warning color difference.

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