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Roll surface design and replacement requirements of Purlin Roll Forming Machine
Apr 21, 2018

Purlin Roll Forming Machine is mainly used in the design of the spiral force feeding, so that it can effectively improve the molding strength to a certain extent, Purlin Roll Forming Machine will effectively use its hydraulic loading and to a certain extent Balance molding reaction force.


Purlin Roll Forming Machine automatically retreats when there is a hard material into the roller gap. To a certain extent, it can effectively guarantee the safe operation of the molding machine. The entire device uses a safety coupling and provides a translational yield. And overload protection to ensure the safe operation of the molding machine.


Purlin Roll Forming Machine adopts eight-plate assembling structure in the roll surface design, which is easy to install and replace. Roll forming machine side roll change device relates to the design and manufacturing technology of the roll change roll device. The pull-out device is fixed on the moving table, and the drawbar of the pull-out device is connected with the front rack.


The moving table of the Purlin Roll Forming Machine is on the guide rail, the moving table is connected with the power stand of the traveling device, and the power stand is connected with the walking device. The traveling device can be a hydraulic device, a chain transmission device or a wire pulling device. The pull-out device can be a rack and pinion structure.

Purlin Roll Forming Machine Device will effectively pull the front side rack to the moving work table, and can pull out multiple front side racks during operation, the traveling device will drive the moving work table to move away, and walk after changing rollers. The device drives the moving table back to its original position, and the pull-out device pushes the front frame to the original position via the pull rod.

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